Fear and loathing in new america: supporting the rise of independent media and public protest art

Seeing as though most literary or pop culture references to the year 2020 painted a picture of a highly advanced sociological and technological paradise, I don’t think anyone could have even guessed that this heavily romanticized year would turn out so terribly. America seems to be dangling in the grip of highly questionable suppression tactics from its own government, while also battling with the highest infection rates of a global pandemic. The country is truly being torn apart from the inside out.

That’s why the time is ripe for the rise of independent media. At present, the hoards of corporately-owned media conglomerates do everything they can to make it next to impossible to get access to independent media coverage for people, not profits. Str34m, a new initiative of Llacuna, inc (a 501(c)3 non-profit), aims to support independent creators and broadcasters, and is working together with Llacuna, Radio Free, and others to develop a global network of independent broadcasters. Together, Str34m and Llacuna aim to provide broadcasters with open-source technologies that help with training for producing, publishing, and accessing independent media for people, not profits.

Str34m’s Bryan Edward and Moe Angelo have been taking collaborative trips together for a while, most recently where Bryan has been live streaming protests, and Moe has been “lightbombing” (using a projector and computer to project imagery and text) public buildings and statues with messages in support of solidarity and activism. These projects have seen Bryan and Moe fully inspired, and investing massive amounts of not only time, but whatever personal funds they have, to continuing these powerful missions.

Their next adventure has been scheduled for this week, where on Thursday, July 30, Bryan and Moe fly to Portland, Oregon, where unmarked, or unidentified, federal officers have been deployed to subdue protests. Their trip has no present end date or final departure city, and they are open to going wherever the nation may need them most.

Both projects are completely user-and-viewer-supported, and could greatly use your support. Fully tax-deductible donations to Llacuna, inc. on behalf of Str34m go directly to supporting independent media and live streaming, by covering travel expenses and equipment needs.

A Patreon has been launched in support of Lightbrush, the mobile, guerilla projection-mapping collaboration between Moe and Bryan. There are a lot of really cool perks that come along with supporting the projection art initiative, and your support will help it grow by supporting travel to more locations and public canvasses, as well as supporting the project’s growth in technological ability.

Your support is never expected, but always appreciated. These projects aim to keep total transparency with fundraising efforts. We thank you deeply for your support.

Projection Mapping: Videometry + Lightbrush
Photo: Bryan Edward Creative

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