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Moe Angelo

Over the last few days, a post on the Cincinnati, Ohio area of Craigslist has started to go viral across different social media platforms. Str34m decided to embark upon a small investigative journey, and a few things to note have turned up.

Anonymous sources have been able to produce solid, irrefutable evidence that paid actors, being recruited through ads like the Cincy Craigslist post, are being funded by SpaceX founder, crazed-tweeter and Trump supporter, Elon Musk. Included below is a screenshot of the post:

Our sources, who claim to be helping organize ground-level efforts, even provided us with a photograph of a SpaceX company check for $25,000 (personal pertinent information removed), signed by Musk himself.

This is a developing story. Please monitor this story’s categories here on for some more insight and updates.


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