Tampa CVS pharmacist’s 911 calls full of blatant exaggerations and ulterior motives

In new details from a Creative Loafing article, 911 dispatch calls have been released from the incident last night in Tampa. Driver of the jeep (Melissa Gray) pharmacist at CVS Pharmacy in Tampa can be heard making outlandish claims of protesters standing on cars and beating cars with fists. The live footage and recorded footage of the incident does not seem to support any of those claims.

“The most chilling moment, however, came when the caller said, “I need the police here now to move these cars, because if I have to, I’m going to run over them.” After the dispatcher took the caller’s name, she repeated, “Like I said, if I have to now, I’m going to run over them.”

-Creative Loafing article

“It’s really creepy and weird how running people over with cars is the issue that seems to bring Trump supporters together. You can hear people asking her to drive around them and offering to help her navigate over to a side street, but she flat-out refused. Preferred to run someone over with her car to prove a point. Explicitly said that’s what she wanted to do. The 911 dispatchers didn’t tell her not to.”

-Local Resident

It appears that without the blue safety vehicle blocking the intersection to the protesters marching, the driver of the jeep was planning to “run them over” in order to “get home.” Again, there was an open road behind her and she had plenty of space to turn around. A nearby employee can even be heard on the 911 call pleading with her “Can you just turn around?”. The driver in the white vehicle who collided with the jeep to slow her down to save lives is in jail for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and false imprisonment (bail $9500). The driver of the jeep has yet to be arrested while clearly showing intent to harm.

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[…] A series of recent events in the area, covered here on str34m, can directly be traced to the increased tension as of late. Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, recently proposed what could only be described as anti-protest legislation that seems to have emboldened counter-protestors to take the law into their own hands, as they claim to “protect the city” from protests that block traffic, or march through business districts. Even though the legislation would have to be voted on before becoming law, counter-protestors appear to feel validated and empowered by its verbiage. […]

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