Amongst a sea of memes, political cartoons are still ruffling feathers in the digital age

Trying and troublesome times have historically brought about the most powerful music and art. The ’60s saw arguably the most revolutionary music all time with anti-war messages from the likes of Richie Havens, Bob Dylan, and Country Joe MacDonald, and so many more. The same time period brought about some of Salvador Dalí’s most surrealistic and message-filled work in two of his masterworks, Portrait of my Dead Brother and The Hallucinogenic Torreador.

Political cartoons have always had a major impact on how import current events and social issues are perceived, most always adding humor and levity in order to break down psychological walls in hopes of a message being received more deeply and accurately. With the increase of digital media outlets both, corporate-owned and independent, and the subsequent decrease of print newspapers, it seems it has been harder for cartoonists to spread their message with as much reach.

The latest societal struggles facing America are no different, in that they are still inspiring artists, including political cartoonists, and the content they are producing is just as powerful as it has ever been. Here’s a brief look at some of our recent favorites:

The art of John F Baker III was shared with us on Facebook and we immediately fell in love with it! John is from Baltimore, Maryland.

NANDO MOTTA – (FB profile link)
We found Nando by his art being shared on Facebook, and while we couldn’t find a website or artist page, we did find some press coverage about work he has done in his home of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Please support these artists any way you can by visiting their websites and liking their social media accounts.

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