Huckabee’s Trump Kids Guide continues to be advertised on the web while investigation into its subscription scam unfolds

Mike Huckabee’s Trump Kids Guide from Learn Our History, is still under investigation by an Oklahoma City law firm, according to an article on Associated Press on July 17, 2020. Advertised as a free educational booklet that can come in a “patriotic bundle” for just $1, it appears that is far from the actual truth.

“Parents across the country described a bait-and-switch scheme that duped them into signing up for $20 per month subscriptions without their knowledge. The many requests to cancel the subscriptions are being ignored by Learn Our History, leaving the parents locked into payments for products that they never wanted in the first place.”

From the AP article
Facebook ad campaign from The Kids Guide on 9/19/20

The Oklahoma City law firm is calling for any additional information or insight into Learn Our History’s billing practices, and information for reaching out to assist is included in the original AP article.

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