International art and activism discussion today with Young Blood Initiative, Lightbrush, and Valerie Ebuwa

The Amsterdam-based Young Blood Initiative has put together an amazing series of discussions called Wake Up and Smell the Tear Gas, featuring artists from around the world that are using their talents to spread a message in activism.

Today’s installment is a donate-what-you-can event (please visit the Eventbrite page to support), featuring a conversation between London-based freelance dance artist, activist, and writer, Valerie Ebuwa, and str34m co-founder and U.S.-based projection artist and animator, Moe Angelo, of Lightbrush Projections. Valerie and Moe have both been very active and vocal in the movement for black lives, and will be discussing their efforts in a live conference call setting this afternoon at 2:00pm Eastern.

The event will be simulcast here on, as well as our Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch networks. Visit the Facebook Event Page, and Eventbrite Page for more information.

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