Louisville, KY declares state of emergency, boards up windows ahead of announcement in Breonna Taylor case

With just about an hour left before today’s expected announcement of updates and potential charges in the Breonna Taylor case, photos and stories about Louisville’s apparent preparations are making the rounds on social media platforms.

A tweet from yesterday (shown below), appears to show photos of newly boarded-up windows, and gas pumps being secured with plywood and shipping wrap.

A post on Facebook page The Spare Gary shows these photos, and gives links to articles that show the city has already declared a state of emergency with executive orders banning street parking, and a post from Kentucky governor stating National Guard will be deployed if needed.

Ahead of the announcement of the court decision regarding the murder of Breonna Taylor, Louisville, Kentucky has…

Posted by The Spare Gary on Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The announcement is expected around 1:30pm Eastern today. Tune in to str34m for a multi-stream broadcast of coverage from the area.

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