St. Petersburg protestors use tactics reminiscent of civil rights sit-ins, while White America becomes increasingly uncomfortable

Last night, the St. Pete Peace Protest group – an effort that launched nearly 120 days ago – embarked on its usual march route, a portion of which travels through an area of St. Petersburg, FL with active bars and restaurants. While marching, the protestors were provoked by a couple sitting at a table on the sidewalk patio of a nearby restaurant. They were using hand signals, booing, and calling the protestors names, in a public display of their distaste for an active civil rights movement.

Photo: str34mtv

Multiple videos of the incident have begun surfacing on social media platforms, but many of them do not show the couple’s instigation that provoked a protestor to sit down at their table. In the video of the incident below, captured by str34m, you can easily see the couple provoking and instigating protestors in the moments leading up to the altercation.

A tweet from Tampa Bay Times reporter Josh Fiallo has gone viral, but does not show the moments leading up to the incident, and inaccurately describes the protest march, as protestors were not at all going “restaurant to restaurant.”

The Uncomfy Couple was quick to reach out and identify themselves in comments on our Facebook post of the video last night, and even other diners that were at the restaurant have since commented on the post to help shed some additional light on the incident.

The video of the incident has sparked all sorts of online accounts (some that don’t even have enough followers to get a custom Facebook address) to start clipping the video, and using portions of it to fit their narrative. In other weird news, our Twitter has caught the attention of white supremacist, nationalist, and fascist groups, and they’re having a field day with our content. More on that soon.

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