A formal apology to Your Favorite Freight Broker and the PT News Network

We want to take a moment to sincerely apologize. Yesterday, we erroneously reported a story that contained a few assumptions and misinterpretations based on iconography that had been misinterpreted at the time. We have spent very little time actually viewing the content that is released by the PT News Network, and our only real experience with its host’s ideologies are the ones that come across when he re-purposes our content to feed a narrative that conflicts with our views, usually promoting anti-antifascist conspiracy theories that go against recent FBI warnings.

We are a network of many artists and creators, and once in a while we use artistic license to get a point across. Sometimes that may do more harm than good, as was in this case. Even though we did have the post filed under satire, we understand that not everyone digs that deeply into things they are reading. We apologize for that, and will attempt to employ some more transparency in these types of posts in the future.

Bro-ker, we really would’ve loved to talk out our discrepancies and differences in a format that would be much better received by the public, as opposed to yelling at cameras on Facebook videos. In fact we have offered to have a sit-down interview multiple times, and you have declined. Unfortunately, we don’t have that kind of time any more, as we’re dealing with some much more serious issues, like policing the police.

We also want to apologize to our readers. It is not our normal policy to remove content unless it directly deals with violence or hate speech. In this instance, the article was doing more harm than good, and was removed.

Thank you for your continued support!

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