URGENT: Help needed in identifying St. Petersburg, Florida counter-protesting gunman from Saturday night

str34m coverage of Saturday night’s St. Pete Peace Protest captured footage of a counter-protesting gunman drawing, cocking and pointing a gun at fleeing protestors. The gunman has yet to be identified. Even though a police officer spoke with the gunman on the scene and didn’t appear to take his information on Saturday, St Petersburg, FL Police are now asking for help identifying this man. Authorities are looking for any information related to the event, especially any help in identifying the gunman. If you have any information, please send a message.

(Third screenshot above taken from Jonathan Lee Riches’ FB Live Stream)

Watch the str34m coverage in the video below, where it even appears that the gunman first points his weapon at our cameraman.

Counter protester pulls a gun on BLM march

Counter protesters pulled a gun, chambered a round, and aimed it at BLM #protesters in #stpete, FL tonight #stpeteprotest #stpeteprotesters Rick Kriseman Governor Ron DeSantis St. Petersburg Police Department #BREAKING #BlackLivesMatter #tampa #riot #WhiteSupremacists #ProudBoys

Posted by Str34mtv on Saturday, September 26, 2020

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