Trump back-handedly rallies Proud Boys and other white supremacist groups in response to calls to denounce them; Group celebrates by using quote in new logos

Tonight’s Unites States Presidential debate was by far the least presidential debate the country has ever seen. The former reality-TV-star-and professional-wrestling persona-turned-president repeatedly ignored the core principles of debate, let alone more specific terms agreed upon by both participants.

We used a few clips from the CBSN coverage of the event to highlight some of the debates ugliest moments, that were riddled with incessant interruption by the child-like President. In the first clip below, President Trump was specifically asked by FOX News anchor Chris Wallace, who was moderating the debate, to denounce white supremacist groups like Proud Boys, asking them to stand down in their efforts to “protect” areas where protests are active. Using his identifiable sarcastic tone, the President asked Proud Boys to “stand back,” but quickly negated the statement by adding “and stand by,” in his response that we highlighted below:

Throughout the debate Trump can be seen, white some might call, deliberately using the “ok” hand symbol on a number of occasions. This hand symbol is widely-known to have been re-appropriated by alt-right and white supremacy groups to symbolize “white power,” with the W and P being represented with finger positioning. Admittedly, many times this looks like simple, or unintentional hand-gesturing, but the amount of times he uses it throughout the debate, could be easily be interpreted as intentional. Especially when its usage is coupled with his response that was highlighted in the beginning of the article.

In an article from NBC news posted a little under an hour before the time of this writing, it is reported that Proud Boys groups across the nation have already begun celebrating this call to action hidden beneath a call to inaction, by officially announcing their support of the candidate, and even emblazoning his words in new logos.

Watch the full debate in the video below.

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