St. Petersburg police respond with more officers to distribute flyers to protestors than they did to reports of counter-protesting gunman

Yesterday evening St. Petersburg Police Department sent seven officers to make an announcement to protestors, less than a week after they sent no more than four officers to deal with the counter-protesting St. Pete Gunman. New video from str34m, captured at St. Petersburg City Hall yesterday, shows the announcement.

The announcement, read by Sergeant Daniel Cruz, that accompanied the flyers being distributed stated:

“The St. Petersburg Police Department would like to take this opportunity to remind all of you that the pedestrian laws in the state of Florida are for your safety, and for the safety of all the citizens, including motorists. The St. Petersburg Police Department is directing everyone to utilize the sidewalk, whenever a sidewalk is available. Not doing so shall lead to traffic enforcement. The guys are passing out flyers to you right now with the Florida statute, alright? And then we’re making everything available to y’all.”

In the video, following the announcement, an audience member in attendance can be heard asking if they are allowed to ask questions, to which the officer replies, “No.”

The flyer that was distributed references the Florida statutes that were mentioned in the announcement, and states that offenders could be fined $62.50.

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