Independent Media Training from Llacuna, Radio Free and Democracy Now!

The power of independent media is growing exponentially in direct correlation with the rapid advancement of technology. str34m is a network of independent creators focused on producing content for people, not profit. We want you on our team.

We invite you to watch this short Independent Media Training Manual featuring Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, provided by Radio Free, a sister initiative of our parent non-profit organization, Llacuna, inc. Upon, or prior to completion, create a free profile here on, and submit your content today.

str34m is a non-profit, viewer-supported community initiative of Llacuna, inc. (a registered 501(c)3 non-profit). Your donation is fully tax-deductible, and goes to support the growth of independent media for people, not profit. Have Amazon Prime? You can donate your free monthly Twitch subscription to str34m at no cost to you!

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