Professional Provocateur and now-infamous Florida Man, Gary Snow and friends, bring unique brand of protest antagonism to St. petersburg, FL.

This guy.

Last weekend, while claiming to defend and protect Downtown St. Petersburg from disruption, blocked traffic and harassment of diners at local restaurants, a moderately-known protest provocateur and his pals were spearheading the latest crazy antics of Florida Man running wild.

“You don’t have the right to be a provocateur, to instigate and to intimidate people while they’re eating dinner.” – Gary Snow

“You don’t have the right to be a provocateur, to instigate and to intimidate people while they’re eating dinner.” – Gary Snow (Gary Snow, a counter protester, appears to be doing the exact thing he claims to be against. )#stpete #dtsp #stpetecounterprotesters #vandalism #ironic Rick Kriseman

Posted by Str34mtv on Tuesday, October 6, 2020
Evening of October 3, as captured by str34m – Snow harasses diners as they eat at a patio table.

Far-right activists have recently taken to the streets in an effort to counter-protest the local St. Pete Peace Protest marches that have been going on in the city for well over 100 days with zero dollars in property damage. The increased tension from counter-protestors is the result of recent viral videos showing protestors confronting a couple that was drinking at a table on the patio of a restaurant, and incited and antagonized protestors by giving them the middle finger and yelling slurs. Much hateful, and outright illegal activity has been reported from many local Facebook groups calling for counter-protestor action.

This past Saturday, Gary Snow, a professional provocateur, who not long ago moved to Florida and began antagonizing protests around the state (even being arrested at an event in Bradenton), made his way to Downtown St. Petersburg. Which group Snow was with was hard to tell as those present included Blue Thunder Bikers, Patriot Action Network and other right-wing groups. Most of the people from these groups that we spoke to that night claimed to be there to “defend” or “protect” the downtown business district from “blocked traffic,” “burning and looting,” or “harassment of diners.”

At one point early in the evening, as you can see in the below ABC Action News broadcast, Snow attempted to rally attention for a publicity stunt he has performed before at protests, where he attempted to burn a Nazi flag, and an Anti-fascist flag, shouting “I’m not fascist.” Whether the flag was too wet, or too new (highlighting that he must know where to purchase such an item that is not available for purchase by the general public), it wouldn’t ignite, and Snow proceeded to rip it apart with his hands. Later in the evening, as captured in the above str34m video, we see more of Snow’s provocative behavior as he disturbs a group of people dining at a patio table. In the below audio clip from a recent WMNF 88.5 broadcast, local diners can be heard expressing their distaste for counter-protestors’ actions.

Recording Via WMNF Community Radio

In a quick Google search for “Gary Snow provocateur,” a wealth of shocking and sometimes entertaining results are returned. These links are a few of our favorite results from the Google Search, and the below interview video from Florida Times-Union gives a quick wrap-up of some of his history.

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