The Eden Show – Monarch Caterpillar debuts as str34m’s newest VJ

In almost just-as-epic of a powerplay as when MTV signed on Kurt Loder, str34m welcomes its newest VJ to hit the newtwaves, Eden. At only seven days old, the Monarch Caterpillar shows a lot of promise in the growing sea of online streaming personalities.

Eden’s first show – Leap of Faith – caterpillar live stream

Our newest VJ Eden taking a leap of faith for his first show yesterday! #naturecam #caterpillarcam #str34m #theEdenShow

Posted by Str34mtv on Saturday, October 10, 2020

Presently you can watch Eden’s live feed on the str34m Twitch channel, as well as our Facebook page

As you can see from the photos and screen shots from today’s show, Eden has been eatin’ a lot today, and it looks like this milkweed plant doesn’t stand a chance of surviving past sundown!

Eden is about seven days into the approximately fourteen-day Larvae stage, but their exponential growth pattern might suggest Eden will head for chrysalis soon. We would love to upgrade our camera gear used to capture as much of Eden’s life as possible. If you would like to donate to help increase the quality of The Eden Show live str34m, you can do so with a tax-deductible donation to str34m below.

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