First season of The Eden Show concluded with the transformation of the monarch caterpillar VJ into chrysalis

Wrapping up with four episodes that were six to eight hours each, the first season of the newest show on str34m followed the evolution of a monarch caterpillar to its cocoon with a live web cam feed. The show mixed relaxing lo-fi hiphop music with the video feed as Eden explored his netted habitat, and ate a lot of milkweed during the show’s first season.

The final episode captured Eden’s transformation to cocoon on video, and though it did not air live, a broadcast shortly after aired the footage and a view of the new cocoon. Watch below:

The Eden Show – Season One Finale – Into Chrysalis

The chrysalis stage lasts about ten to fourteen days, so stay tuned to str34m for an announcement regarding Season Two of The Eden Show: METAMORPHOSIS LIVE!

We have more milkweed out catching eggs, and more caterpillars on the way. Help us upgrade the Caterpillar Cam for Season Two by donating below!

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