Trump Death Clock continues to tick, haunting the president’s South Florida campaign trail using digital graffiti in guerilla projection art collaboration with Lightbrush

As the Trump campaign made its way around Florida this past week in a series of rallies, the Trump Death Clock and Lightbrush collaborated to trail and troll the campaign with a series of pop-up, guerilla projection art installations.

Armed with computers, generators and projectors, Lightbrush is able to turn nearly any surface into a canvas for digital art, animation, and video. Using a live desktop capture of the Trump Death Clock website, Lightbrush displayed the clock’s running count of the COVID-19 death toll directly attributed to President Trump’s delayed action, on buildings in different locations around South Florida last weekend.

Some of the locations where the clock was projected (as well as other imagery and video related to Trump and Coronavirus, which are often lightly humorous or thought-provoking in nature), included a pair of buildings in Downtown Miami just a couple of blocks from the Perez Art Museum, where Trump’s NBC Town Hall was held on Thursday. Later in the evening, the Trump Death Clock appeared in the Brickell District of Downtown among the towering Miami skyscrapers.

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On Friday Evening, as Donald Trump Jr. spoke just a few miles away at a rally in West Palm Beach, the Death Clock found itself nestled quietly across the water from Mar-a-Lago, glowing brightly underneath the flight path of numerous helicopters and private jets on the side of an apartment complex that was under construction.

Photos by str34m

On the way back down to Miami following the Mar-a-Lago Lightbomb, the opportunity presented itself to turn the Deerfield Beach City Hall clock tower into a Death Clock Tower, and Lightbrush lit up. Ending the night with a visit to the Wynwood Art District made for a colorful close to this leg of the Death Clock Lightbrush Tour.

Enjoy this video from the first night, with even more to come.

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