UPDATE: St. Petersburg alt-right counter-protest Gunman identified and name released; public social media posts full of apparent premeditation, and love for alcohol and guns

Weeks have gone by since St. Petersburg Police announced that they had identified the St. Pete Gunman, with no updates at all until now. The gunman’s name, Lawrence Arnold Davis, was released earlier today.

Lawrence’s Facebook page listed as Larry Davis

A quick scroll-through of the gunman’s public Facebook posts show an overbearing love of alcohol and guns, as well as a few alarming posts that show what would appear to many to be premeditation of violence against protestors. Davis even captions one of the posts, that shows a car driving into a protestor for blocking the road, with his own words, noting:

“Hold court in the street, I say.”

Davis’ premeditation of a violent event against protestors can be seen in another one of Davis’ more alarming public posts from June 20th. In the post, Davis shares an article with the title, Man defends himself against rioters who attacked him with knives, and captions the post with:

“I would have done the same these little pussy’s are only tough in mob mode.”

Davis’ Facebook Post from June 20, 2020

In the following comments on the post, someone says:

“Only bad thing about this video is that their not all on the ground.” To which Davis responds, “No shit.”

[SLGF id=1223]

In a few of the public posts, Davis tags a friend named Gary Ricker, and upon further inspection, it appears that Ricker is the one seen accompanying Davis, in almost a bodyguard-type role (pointing in the picture below), on the night when he drunkenly pulled a gun on protestors in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. The other racial slur-yelling, alt-right counter-protestor who brandished brass knuckles at one point in the evening (pictured below in the royal blue t-shirt, khaki cargo shorts and gray shoes), has also been identified as Mike Cronin. All three of men’s Facebook pages say they are from Massachusetts, but live in Florida.

St. Petersburg, FL counterprotest gunman

We will continue to follow this story as it develops, here on str34m. Follow this link to read up on all of our St. Pete Gunman coverage to date, and be sure to keep tabs on our social media accounts for breaking news.

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