Police Department in New Port Richey, FL Adorns Parking Lot gate with Thin Blue Line Flag, While Other Departments Across the Country Ban its Display Due to Usage by Alt-Right and White Supremacy Groups

Across the country, citizens and governments have been calling for law enforcement and public institutions to halt the usage of the “Thin Blue Line” flag and imagery. The flag, pictured below, is an edited version of the American Flag, which has been stripped to completely black and white, other than one blue stripe that remains. The image was born out of the Blue Lives Matter/Back the Blue movement, which developed in direct opposition to the Black Lives Matter movements’ calls for systemic reform to law enforcement.

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The Thin Blue Line flag has become an extremely controversial symbol in recent months, and its usage by law enforcement and public entities has been banned in multiple cities across the country. Just a couple weeks ago in Niles, Illinois, a village to the northwest of Chicago, Police were banned from wearing protective face masks that featured the flag due to the image being co-opted by alt-right and white supremacy groups. Similar reasons were cited in the Massachusetts coastal community of Hingham, where the flag’s display on city firetrucks was banned in July.

Photo: str34m

Recently in New Port Richey, Florida, a homeowners association forced a former Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputy to remove the flag from display at his home and he refused, citing his belief that the flag is “not racist,” and that what is happening in the world is simply due to people “hating police because of one horrible action by a guy in Minnesota.” Back in June, in nearby Sarasota County, Florida, Sheriff’s Captain Ryan Brown prohibited deputies from wearing the Thin Blue Line logo while on duty.

Amidst all of the nationwide calls for the removal and banning of imagery based on the Thin Blue Line, the New Port Richey Police Department installed a mesh covering displaying the logo on the fence to their parking lot. As seen in our recent live stream coverage of protests in the notoriously corrupt Florida city, Police have been supportive of Blue Lives Matter protestors that have shown up to counter local Black Lives Matter protests, sometimes even irrationally ticketing or arresting only Black Lives Matter protestors.

Thin Blue Line mesh logo installed on fence at New Port Richey Police Department last week.

We urge city officials to address this issue promptly. We urge our readers to please take action locally, by contacting city officials to express concern over the image’s usage.

Thin Blue Line mesh logo installed on fence at New Port Richey Police Department last week.

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