str34m Launches New TNFT Series on Rarible with a Giveaway of “Moments in Projection Mapping” NFTs, a Digital and Tangible Art Hybrid

We are proud to announce another collaboration with moestradamus in the budding Cryptoart landscape. We are combining tangible art with digital art in a new series of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that also unlocks a TNFT (Tangible Non-fungible Token).

New ownership of this digital rendition of a photograph (by Bryan Edwar/Str34m) of a very specific moment from a two-night projection mapping collaboration between Videometry and Lightbrush on the Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond, VA, also unlocks an 8×10″ print of the photo, shipped to the owner.

Only 25 of these NFTs exist, and they are valued at .097 Ethereum (presently about $42.24). Any profit will be split between the three artists. We are giving away ONE of the 25, and in order to qualify, create an account on Rarible if you don’t already have one (set up and connect a wallet like MetaMask) and follow Moestradamus. Next, follow @Videometry on Twitter or Instagram, and @bryanedwardcreative on Instagram or Facebook. Finally, email us at with a screenshot of these tasks completed. The winner will be chosen on Sunday! You must have an active wallet and Rarible account in order to have the NFT transferred to you.

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