The Eden Show Season Three is off to an Epic Start with Over Twenty Monarch Caterpillars Live on Camera Daily

The third season of The Eden Show is in the midst of its fourth episode, live now on the str34m Facebook Page and Twitch Channel! Last season, one monarch caterpillar, named Eden, joined us for his metamorphosis into a butterfly live on-air.

Apparently word got out that mating around our studio good for exposure, and just prior to this present season, we were visited by a flock of monarch butterflies. Now, over twenty caterpillars have joined the cast, and three milkweed plants have already been decimated.

Thanks to viewer support, we were able to upgrade the webcam for this season, and now the live stream is fully interactive through the chat room on the str34m Twitch Channel. Follows, subscriptions, emotes and chat messages show up on the feed.

Eden II and the gang (a few of which have been named Chrys, Alis, Meta and Morphy) have been growing rapidly, and have already decimated three milkweed plants. Today they got an upgrade to some new scarlet milkweeds with flowers, and things got a little heated.

With so many caterpillars in different stages of development, this season may last quite a bit longer with a rotating cast of caterpillars and butterflies. It won’t be much longer before a couple of these guys head for chrysalis, so be sure to tune in and share to watch this magic happen live!

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