The Future of Art is Happening Now – Like, Live in Virtual Spaces, For Free, All Weekend Long!

Every year, this week would see a massive influx of people descend on the arts districts of Miami for what has come to be known as Miami Art Week. Thousands of pop-up art exhibits and events have been born in Miami over the years during this week, in the wake of one major art show known as Art Basel. This would have been the yearly art show’s 18th year, but the Coronavirus pandemic, has caused the first postponement since the exhibit’s launch in 2002.

But that hasn’t stopped the city of Miami from reveling in the inspiration that the week brings, and in true Miami Art Week fashion, ingenuity and innovation are allowing the extremely colorful week to continue, and maybe even thrive, online.

Lightbrush’s submission to BitBasel Crypto Art Competition – “Miami Mice”

Multiple virtual art exhibits are taking place, originating from the minds of some of Miami’s most creative technophiles, including the likes of the Moksha Arts Collective, Art Tech Miami, and BitBasel. Some are virtual exhibitions, while others are competitions, or interactive art auctions. Most of these experiences take place in either AltspaceVR or VRChat, two programs that explore virtual social spaces, and do not require a Virtual Reality headset to use.

Moksha Arts Collective presents the premier of its virtual gallery in VRChat starting today, December 4th. The beautiful virtual gallery features art from Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, Mark Henson, Android Jones, Randall Roberts, Amanda Sage, and many more. The gallery is a wonderland of psychedelic art, and features a stage that can play live streams, immersive VR art, and Android Jones’ Samskara 360-degree experience in a virtual dome.

ArtTechMiami is presenting its first Art Tech Music NFT exhibit in the AltspaceVR app, and it focuses on the emerging world of “Crypto Art” and rare and collectible non-fungible tokens that incorporate music. There is an entire lineup of virtual events that will help newcomers to the world of Crypto Art learn more about it. str34m’s co-founder, Moe Angelo (artist name: Lightbrush/moestradamus), had one of his Crypto Art NFTs selected for the exhibit, and features an Audio NFT collaboration with n00k1s, Billy Beck, and Miguel Lantigua’s song “New Day,” and artists Stephen Barry and Seba Balle. It was selected as part of the “Ready or Not” portion, taking place Saturday at 2:30pmEST. Here is a LinkTree page with all the links needed for event.

BitBasel is a massive one-day Crypto Art competition taking place on Saturday December 5th, and it is packed with informational events with some well-known characters from the Crypto Art world. You will want to make sure to register for this free event on the Eventbrite page to be included in their NFT Giveaway. Moe’s “Miami Mice” NFT was selected for this competition as well, and is a tribute to last year’s Basel Banana shenanigans.

Dive into the evolution of the art world live this weekend! All events in this story are free to access and attend, and do not require a VR headset.

A bonus shoutout to Moe for not only being accepted to these two amazing events less than two months after first entering the CryptoArt world, but also for his first official featured CryptoArtist release tonight at 8pmEST! This is his first featured drop on Mintable, and is the second edition of his “Moving Masters” series. This edition is a collaboration (lol) with Van Gogh’s, titled “Funflowers.” The work was inspired by his trip to, and work in, Amsterdam last year.

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