We’re a non-profit network of independent musicians, artists, record labels, content creators and fans, working to make music and art more accessible globally. We produce digital content and technology that promotes community and provides fans with ways to interact with their favorite musicians and artists like never before.


Str34m is a community initiative of Llacuna (a 501(c)3 non-profit charity organization), focusing on expanding access to independent media. Str34m is a 24-hour internet television network (coming soon) providing a wide array of independent content from music videos & music festivals, to news coverage from the perspectives of artists, musicians and creators from across the globe.

We develop and manage open source technologies to make it easier for independent creators and broadcasters to have their voices amplified. We also archive and protect digital content, to preserve free access to independent music and art for years to come.

We support Llacuna’s mission of promoting sustainable development by expanding access to media, because we believe when people have access to community public media, we can all make better informed decisions in our daily lives. Help us create a more sustainable future for independent music, art and more by tuning in on

Email: for information on how you can get involved as a content creator on the str34m network

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