Brian Hassett

Brian Hassett is the author of five books in the last five years — Blissfully Ravaged in Democracy: Adventures in Politics – 1980–2020 (2020), Holy Cats! Dream-Catching at Woodstock (2019), On The Road with Cassadys (2018), How The Beats Begat the Pranksters (2017) and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Jack Kerouac (2015).

He helped put together and wrote two of the keynote essays for The Rolling Stone Book of The Beats (1999) and wrote the most extensive essay ever in print on the Grateful Dead’s connection to the Beats for Bloomsbury’s Kerouac on Record (2018).

He’s published as a feature writer, short story writer, poet, essayist, critic, columnist, reviewer, and songwriter in places like . . . The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Complete Woman, Woman’s Own, Penthouse, High Times, Relix, Beat Scene, Dharma Beat, Arizona Republic, Brooklyn Eagle, Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun, Winnipeg Free Press, Minetta Literary Review, Gallatin Review, and others, as well as poems painted onto art gallery walls.

He has performed his theatrical spoken word shows in London, Amsterdam, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco & many other cities, and been accompanied by jazz, rock and bluegrass bands.He was part of a psychedelic consortium in Winnipeg, Manitoba (of all places) involved in putting on numerous large-scale multimedia Acid Tests in the mid thru late ’70s, which he also continued to stage while running the concerts at NYU through the early ’80s.

He worked for Bill Graham putting together The Rolling Stones tour in 1981, and as an Executive Aide-de-Camp at MTV for many years.

More can be found at his website:

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