Lightbrush is a multi-media artist (@moestradamus – Moe Angelo of Because of the Lotus and co-creator of str34m, as well as Virgin Islands Jam Fest on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands) utilizing 3D design and animation in the creation of digital art and crypto art, as well as the art of projection mapping, to convey messages in a unique and powerful way.

Through his work with @becauseofthelotus, the artist has become internationally board certified in Neurofeedback, and has developed an interactive art experience that utilizes EEG Neurofeedback devices to allow participants to control projection-mapped paintings and RGB lasers based on live brainwave activity.

Latest Lightbrush CryptoArt releases and news:

OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE – The second NFTNFT (NeuroFeedback Training Non-fungible Token) drops 1/2/21 at 12:21pm Eastern on Mintable.

Read more about how this animation can be controlled by brainwave activity and used in Optimal Performance Neurofeedback to train “Flow State,” or Alpha

Won first place in the 2020 BitBasel CryptoArt NFT Competition with submission “Miami Mice”

Featured artist in Art Tech Miami‘s ART TECH MUSIC NFT virtual exhibit. Encore exhibit and performances on Saturday December 19. Virtual exhibit available for free in Altspace VR until January 31, 2021. Altspace is available for Windows and Mac, and does not require a VR headset to experience.

Minted the first NFTNFT (NeuroFeedback Training Non-Fungible Token) ever! Unlocks a Muse 2 wireless EEG headset and one month of Peak Performance Neurofeedback training where the digital art NFT can be controlled based on brainwave activity! Learn more:

Listed on Rarible for 2.21 ETH:

Featured Artist Drop on Mintable – “Funflowers” –—Moving-Masters-2-The-second-in-a-series-of-3D-animated-NFTs-based-on-paintings-by-the-masters/151UlRxyBGqNIKT

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Instagram: @moestradamus
Twitter: @moestradamus221
Facebook: @Lightbrush
Projection Mapping video portfolio: Because of the Lotus Youtube

Contact Lightbrush to discuss projection mapping performances or art commissions:

Donny Troompa and the Cop Hate Factory is the latest production from Lightbrush, and more information can be found below.

3D models that were not created by hand were used or remixed under the Creative Commons Licence:

Donny Troompa – remixed from Trump Test by FiltrdTriplt
Q-laid Man – remixed from Kool-aid Man by Gravity Jack
Cop Hate Factory – remixed from Police Station v2 by printable_models
Tear-gassed Teddy – Little Baby by kim
Special Advisor Putin Statue – Trump Statue Initiative
Cell – Prison cells by gunnarcorrea
Flag – US flag
Billboard – Billboard 3D model
Houses – remixed from Cartoon House Low Poly by 3dmodelfree01
Trees – remixed from Low Poly Tree by aspire
Road – road by runing
Youtube Logo – Youtube Play Button Gold by knightwithouthfilament
Tables – Prison Cafeteria table
White Power Cop – remixed from Security Police Man
Gas mask – Gas mask by bojanakrstic
Riot Shield – Riot Shield by avithecreator
CS can – remixed from Cans by pete2711
Church – Church v3 by printable_models
Crib – Baby Crib by nmaison88

Grab ’em by the Virus

All models are used under Creative Commons License

Wet Street by av_-8 on Free3d
Bus by zadit on Free3d
Coronavirus by Hayden L on SketchFab
Donny Troompa – remixed from Trump Test by FiltrdTriplt