Power of Protest Art NFT Collection Series by Moestradamus

A selection of moestradamus’ (Lightbrush Projections, Because of the Lotus) protest art animations have been minted in a series of rare NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, and are available for outside ownership for the first time.

The Power of Protest Art Collection is a series of NFT art that unlocks an additional extremely rare NFT available only to the collectors of the sets. There are two collections, the Tri Collection, and the Quad Collection.

The Tri collection will unlock a hand-painted, 3D-printed model from the animations, while the Quad collection unlocks a very special, never-before-released NFT and accompanying 3D painting of the “In Soros We Trust” Shrine (must allow time for print, painting, and shipping).

All NFTs in the collection are minted on Rarible.

NFTs in the collection:
1. Donny Troompa and the Cop Hate Factory – completes QUAD
– 1 of 1 Ultra Rare 3D animation with unlockable video, images,
GIFs, and 3D models and project files.

2. Grab ‘Em by the Virus – completes TRI
– 2 of 2 Extremely Rare 3D animation re-imagining of Trump’s
infamous Access Hollywood Bus chat. Unlocks, video, images,
and GIFs

3. It’s a New Day
– 46 of 50 left – Collaborative Audio NFT featuring artwork collab
from Stephen Barry, Seba Balle, moestradamus, n00k1s,
Billy Beck and Miguel Lantigua. Selected for the Art Tech Miami
virtual art exhibit. Unlock a video, images and GIFs.
4. Low Poly Resist Fist
– 4 of 5 left on Rarible – 3D-animated Raised Fist
5. Presidents Are Temporary, Wu-Tang is Forever
– 7 of 10 left on Rarible

BONUS TRI COLLECTION NFT – collect #2, #3, and #4 or #5
(minted and delivered upon verified collection)
– Commissioned character animation of one of the characters
(includes 3D OBJ, FBX and c4d files), 1 of 1 NFT, and
accompanying hand-painted 3D-print

BONUS QUAD COLLECTION NFT – collect #1, #2, #3, and #4 or #5
(minted and delivered upon verified collection):
– 1 of 1 animated “Soros Shine” NFT and accompanying hand-
painted 3D print (includes 3D OBJ, FBX and c4d files).